Our way of working

Our way of working  is characterised by intensive cooperation between the client, users and developers. Our team works closely with you and your staff to meet your user requirements using our expertise in software development. Our development processes are characterized by the short lead time, where at the end a usable end product is delivered.


Method of development

The way we develop software may vary by project. Larger organizations often use methodologies such as PRINCE2 and SDM2 to reach their goal. These comprehensive methods are increasingly being replaced by the so-called Agile approach. One might choose this approach when:

– It is unclear exactly what one wants

– There is a need for fast (first) results

– There is ever-changing requirements

Another advantage is that changes can be easier implemented even later on in the project. It is also a fact that the Agile approach often yields better results faster in comparison with the traditional ‘ waterfall ‘ methodologies. This is because the client (customer/user) is more closely and continuously involved in the entire development process. That level of involvement is required to achieve a successful end product.

In some cases however clients tend to choose more convential ways of software development. For instance when:

– Project requirements are fixed and the specifications are non-negotiable

– The clients company culture demands order

– There are no changes in requirements in the time between analysis and implementation

– The environment is changing only slowly, for example in the case of (semi) Government


Our tools

We build our software using proven tools. Experiments with the latest developments and techniques in software development have our utmust attention, but never at the expense of the client and the final end product. We also make sure the software is future-proof; software has to be flexible and easily maintanined.


Custom made software

It is often said that custom made software is too expensive. There are undoubtedly some more reasons why not to choose for custom made software. This is often based on past experiences. Reasons to choose for custom made software may include:

– There simply is no existing software for your problem

– The software should completely fit your business process. Generic software often leads to concessions.

– There is a need for fast anticipation on changes in the market or in your business process

– License costs need to be reduced or are simply no longer desired

– Acceptance of the software in the organization is very important. This is accomplished by including the people in the organization during the development process

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