Forensic Fingerprint Scan

Forensic Fingerprint Scan is a Windows application that is used when fingerprints have to be scanned in a user-friendly manner. The scanned fingerprints of a person (the donor) are systematically stored and exported in an NIST file or in a so-called collection folder.

Forensic Fingerprint Scan

In a session the available data and fingerprints of a donor are recorded. Each session gets automatically an unique identification number (TCN) assigned. A session does not have to be completed at once. A session can be saved and reopened later. A session consists of the following three steps:

Identification: Recording from who the fingerprints are collected. If the fingers of an unknown donor are scanned, that person is identified for the session using the following general data:

  • Gender: male, female or unknown
  • Estimated age

Scanning: From all the fingers several scans are made. This can be done per finger in one operation. The best scans are automatically selected based on three quality measures (Dermalog, NIST and Nfiq2). The user (expert) can choose the quality gauge to be used. If more than one quality measure is selected, the average of the different quality measures is used. In addition, the user can manually indicate which scans he or she judges to be the best.

While scanning a finger, the last scan made is shown in pane on the left side of the window. The window of the finger in question always displays the scan made with the highest quality. Successively, all fingers can be scanned.

The degree of contamination of the glass of the scanner glass is displayed in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. If the glass is completely covered, this leads to an indication of 100% contamination. The contamination that is displayed when nothing has been placed on the glass indicates whether the glass is clean enough. The contamination is 0% if the glass is clean enough.

Export: From each finger the scan with the highest quality for export is processed in the NIST file. In addition, a collection folder of the session is created in which the session data and all scans are stored.
To a certain extent, the application can be flexibly set up and adapted to the organisation. With a number of input fields, a user can determine which description is assigned to it in the session.

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