iCS is a mobile application (iOS, Android) which supports the forensic researcher during his work at the crime scene. It allows the investigator to quickly fill out all the information concerning the incident and the crime scene. Upon completion the information can be send to TRIS with just a simple  buttonpress. During this registration proces the researcher is supported with prefilled lists with possible values like the types of incident or names of places. Besides the entering of information it’s also possible to generate barcode-stickers which can be used for the evidence bags.


At a crime scene forensic investigators will secure all relevant tracks and goods regarding the case. Each item will be supplied with an unique identification number by which the item can be tracked during the process of investigation. This is required to guarantee the so-called ‘ Chain of custody ‘. Track prints can be secured via photos into ICS and remarks can be added to show where exactly this specific track or good was found. Normally all this information is written down on a paper notepad and multiple other media and all have to be brought into the police station to be entered, filed in and researched. iCS takes this first cumbersome part away. All the information can be send immediately from the crime scene to the police station via a secured connection and can be imported directly into registration system. Because all relevant case information needs to be registered just once, the chance of errors is virtually eliminated.

The following case information can be entered:

  • Geographical location of the crime scene
  • Type of crime, for example ‘burglary’
  • Person to contact
  • Modi Operandi, for example ‘the method of entry’
  • Audio recordings, for example witness interviews
  • Photo’s with the possibility to emphasize specific details
  • Registration of (confiscated) goods
  • Registration of tracks
  • Additional notes to incidents, goods or tracks.


Brochure iCS and iFEA (English)

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