iFEA (Fingerprint Evidence Analyzer) is a mobile application which supports the rapid processing of fingerprints directly at the crime scene. The application enables the investigator to take a photograph of a fingerprint and prepares the image for the automated search. The image is sent to the Dutch National research institute which investigates whether the fingerprint is stored in the national fingerprint database HAVANK. In conjunction with the Dutch Police this process is fully automated. The outcome of this research is directly sent to the mobile device of the applicant. Because virtually no time is wasted in the identification process, forensic investigators can react quickly in case of an identification.

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In the past an administrative process had to be started to identify a fingerprint that could take up to a week before the research institute could respond with a result. The research institute also checks the identification made by the system with a human expert if necessary, which will lead to a higher certainty on the identification for the researcher using iFEA. With iFEA the Dutch National Police will have a result within the hour in most cases.

Currently we are creating a new scan module for iFEA with which victims can be identified. This module will also help to immediately exclude victims of burglaries for example. This way no time will be wasted on identifying fingerprints that are of the victim.

Brochure iCS and iFEA (English)

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