Police case management & analysis software

TRIS is a case management & analysis system that is currently in use by the Forensic and Tactical investigation department of the Dutch national police. Forensic Investigators collect information and evidence from a crime scene. This information can often be correlated and combined with existing knowledge and information from other crime scenes. All coherent information must be presented to other units and staff to create a basis for further investigation and actions.

With TRIS this information can be analysed such that relationships become clear and previously concealed structures or clusters are revealed. TRIS supports the entire Forensic Intelligence cycle, from initial consolidation of evidence and information, through analysis and smart data-linking, to presentation of the results, all in a single system.

Police case management software

Important features of TRIS are:


  • Import basic case data from external central information system(s)
  • Standardized data exchange with other agencies, for example, the Dutch Forensic Institute which conducts DNA research
  • Optional interface with mobile devices which are used to gather information directly at the crime scene, for example iCS


  • Manage and guard the complete process of evidence examination from begin to end
  • Automatic handling of data and information exchange with external research institutes
  • Full support of the Chain of custody with regards to evidence material


  • Built-in Document Management to secure a uniform and central storage of all relevant documents, photos, etc.
  • Secure data-storage of original data to protect against the tampering of evidence material


  • Intelligent Search engine
  • Comparison of traces and evidence based on specific attributes
  • Automatic image comparison based on graphical features and pattern recognition
  • Smart linking of related cases


  • Integrated interface with software such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Geographical visualisation with tools like Bing Maps, MapPoint and MapInfo
  • Case diagramming interface with MS Visio and IBM Analyst’s Notebook


  • Highly configurable to meet the specific needs of each user or usergroup
  • Modular, only license the elements you need


An important part of TRIS is the pattern recognition module. When we started in 1993 this tool was based on textual characteristics which had to be provided by the user. After a period of time we made the mechanism smarter by providing the user an option to apply graphical annotations to the image. These annotations were used during the matching process against the reference database. This was certainly a great improvement compared to the old situation, but still not optimal. Interaction with the user was still required so we searched for a solution where user input is no longer needed. Our latest software compares images based on frequencies (Fast Fourier Analysis) instead of textual or graphical characteristics. At the moment the software is mainly used for the comparison of shoeprints but it is also possible to process tool marks and ballistic traces.


Brochure TRIS (English)

Brochure TRIS (German)

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