Four partners, all innovators in their fields. Four partners, together revolutionizing patient care

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Four partners, all innovators in their fields. Four partners, together revolutionizing patient care

Logo-HC-text-1MedanetsHealthplus.aiHobbit Imaging Solutions and Biovotion have come together, bringing their expertise and top-of-the line medical data products to create a fully-integrated solution for monitoring patients in-hospital and post-discharge. Covering the surgical, post-surgery, and recovery periods, the Healthy Chronos integration capitalizes on physiological data collected from Biovotion’s Everion, a wearable with medical-grade data collection capabilities. This data, together with caregiver input through the best-in-class Medanets app, drive a system with the potential to revolutionize the modern hospital experience.

Designed around user needs, the Healthy Chronos integration combines a simple interface with strong analytic capabilities and provides insight into 360 degrees of patient’s health profiles.

Once input, the data from individual patients is funneled to Healthy Chronos’ proprietary dashboard, providing clinicians with a one-stop overview for patient data. Healthplus’ AI-powered predictive intelligence facilitates clinical decision making, alerting to post-surgery infection events as they happen. This has the potential to sharply reduce response time and improve patient outcomes for one of the most common health care-associated infections which affects up to 9% of surgical patients and is responsible for an annual 3.2 billion in attributable cost in American acute care hospitals. With further algorithms in development, the power of the platform is poised for growth and additional savings.


In the hospital, this means patients are continuously monitored with a minimum of invasive checks and cuffs. Subtle changes in patient deterioration are detected earlier, preventing adverse events. Caregivers leverage of the wealth of functionality offered by the Medanets app, designed around the hospital workflow and already widely adopted.

A truly open ecosystem, Healthy Chronos integrates into existing information systems instead of creating new information silos.

Medanets seamlessly integrates patient information into the Electronic Medical Record, ensuring this information is at the fingertips of all caregivers working with the patient across a variety of settings.

No longer will doctors lose sight of their patients at the hospital doors. Outside of the hospital, Healthy Chronos enables providers to reduce costs while offering the same quality of care. Thanks to Biovotion’s Everion, practitioners can be sure they’re still accessing medical-grade data after discharge.

Healthy Chronos is a partnership with the radical goal of revolutionizing how care is delivered on the general ward, providing data where it’s needed and vital signs at the fingertip of the nurse, wherever he or she is. Contact us for a demo today, and see the power of truly digitalized patient care firsthand.

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