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Patient Vitals Measurement

Patient Vitals Measurement (Patient VM) is a tablet application designed especially for hospitals. Nurses daily measure different vitals signs of patients such as temperature, blood pressure and pulse. In recent years, more and more measurements have been added, including pain, and respiratory rate. Patient VM makes it possible to enter all vital signs directly into the electronic patient record.

First, a patient is scanned with a barcode reader. Subsequently Patient Vitals Measurement makes it possible to transmit vital signs measurement data of different measuring devices via a wifi signal into a tablet. These measurements are then sent directly to the electronic patient record.

Patient Vitals Measurement

Reduce risk of errors and faster processing

Purpose of Patient Vitals Measurement is to work quickly and reduce the error sensitivity of the old input methods. Up to now nurses often make notes on a paper, in order to process this later in the system. The innovation involves the development and introduction of new hardware and software. The way the measurements are performed are not changed significantly.

Pantient Vitals Measurement de applicatie

With the aid of Patient Vitals Measurement, it is no longer necessary to process vital sign data twice.  In this way the need of human effort and the changes of errors is minimalized. The data must be reliable and available faster for the doctor to interpret the data.

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