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TRIS goes national

All regional units of the Dutch police force (totaling 25) currently make use of TRIS where each unit has its own database. With the introduction of the National Police in 2013, the police has decided to make TRIS a nationwide application with just one single national database. A major advantage of this approach is that the exchange of data on offenses between the 10 police units is no longer a problem since all units have access to the information from all other units.

December 8, 2014 will be the big day when the first unit will proceed to the new national version of TRIS. In a period of about four months other units will follow. The goal is to complete the entire migration in mid-April.eenheden-politie - uitrol TRIS

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TRIS training material

We have developed training material for TRIS which is used by private tutors of the Dutch police. The total course consists of 27 separate training modules. Courses are tailored to the specific target group (Trace Coordinator, System Maintenance, etc.) by combining these training modules.

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