There are several ways to test new software and a growing number of tool to do those test. We have developed our own tool: SmarTest.

Why do we test our software?

We want to be sure that our software:

  • meets all requirements as defined in the design fase
  • responds correctly to all kinds of input
  • performs its functions within an acceptable time
  • is sufficiently usable, in other words is it userfriendly
  • can be installed in its intended environments (hardware and software)



What is the result of a software test?

The end result of a software test:

  • Provides insight into the quality of the software
  • Gives grounds for approving or disapproving a software package for delivery to the client
  • In the case of disapproval, supplies detailed descriptions for the programmers on the basis of which identified problems can be generated again in order to investigate and resolve these issues


How do we test now?

In order to make testing of our software more structured and less labor-intensive we have created SmarTest which is an easy-to-use test case management application. SmarTest gives you the possibility to keep a central collection in which all software test projects within your organization can be registered and maintained. Users can enter and evaluate test cases and keep track of the current status of these tests.

SmarTest offers the following possibilities:

  • Create, group, maintain and re-use test cases across multiple test projects
  • Follow the progress of the test results (successful, failed, etcetera)
  • Create and assign test tools (testers, hardware platforms, etcetera) to test projects
  • Reporting on the current status or the course of each test project is possible at any time for the test manager but also for the testers
  • Possibility to create filters to request only the necessary information
  • Export option to MS Excel or PDF documents
  • Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same test project

At the moment, many different test methods are used during the development of software. SmarTest is set up in such a simple way that it fits into every test method without any problems.

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