Planning & optimization

Users of existing planning solutions often complain that the generated plan is unworkable or still needs a lot of rework. The reason is usually that the system uses ideal scenarios or generic business rules and processes as a starting point. Also aspects like a temporary loss of a specific asset can produce problems if the system is not flexible enough to adapt and adjust.


We developed a universal scheduling engine that is useful for each type of industry. Regardless of whether it is a timetable for a school or university, or the driver planning of a transport company.



In addition to the (personnel) planning software we have developed Hurm. Hurm is a time system that allows your employees to easily manage their timesheets. In addition to supporting the regular timekeeping Hurm also offers the ability to manage projects. Projects are divided into tasks that can be assigned  to persons. Hours worked are immediately recorded and processed in the projects so that project information is always up to date. Besides on projects hours can also be booked on customers, activities, costs or departments. The extensive reporting capabilities allow you to monitor the progress and worked hours can easily be billed . Hurm can also be used for requesting and scheduling vacation days, holidays, overtime, sickness, etc. The holiday schedule is for employees and managers an transparent systeem to see how many days off an employee already has taken and what is the current balance.


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