Vessel Clearance Guide

Vessel Clearance Guide (VCG) is the appropriate solution for each terminal. This tool automates the vessel clearance process and minimizes the necessary user and customer inputs. Because the process is automated, the chance of human error is excluded.

Vessel Clearance Tool

The details of the terminal, the jetty and the pipeline will be entered into VCG. The properties of a ship are imported into VCG by dragging and dropping a document containing the information. No further user action is required. The properties of the vessel are compared with the physical characteristics of the different jetties of a terminal. The result is a clear overview of the suitable jetties for the selected vessel.

LNG-laiva_LNG_Ship_Skangas_Pori_Terminal_Finland (2)

This customer friendly way of working ensures that vessels can be cleared more quickly and customers will receive a rapid confirmation. At this moment the tool is in use by multiple terminals.

Benefits of the Vessel Clearance Guide

  • User-friendly and dummy proof.
  • The application speeds up the vessel clearance process.
  • Human errors are eliminated.
  • This tool is more service-oriented.
  • Relevant vessel data is automatically uploaded.
  • Always the most current shipping data is being used.
  • It shows the restrictions and warnings on which the vessel may come in.
  • It gives planning a quick overview of (in)capabilities of a (new) vessel.
  • You have a clear and uniform way of clearing by different colleagues and terminals.
  • It looks professional for both colleagues and customers.
  • Tool collects all statistics, this makes it possible to make analyzes.
  • The tool can be linked to different administrative systems.

More information can also be found on the website of the Vessel Clearance Guide. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive more information.

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